Architectural Wire Mesh Panels

Newark Wire Works architectural meshes add beauty, elegance and security to the interior or exterior of any structure. We achieve this through the utilization of mesh and framing system materials that provide a synergistic design that transforms the architectural effect of any building.

Newark Wire Works builds these architectural mesh systems with strong, elegant mesh patterns and rigid framing. We can change the impression of a building structure from a stark structure to a luminescent edifice. Architectural mesh can be constructed for interior or exterior applications that incorporate security and stealth-like design. These meshes can compliment the surrounding area through the integration of texture and color. They are available in steel, stainless steel, bronze and aluminum. We can integrate different textures and alloys to offer the designer a unique concept that separates their structure from the rest by providing beauty and strength in its architectural effect.

We have manufactured architectural mesh panels for parking garages, transportation terminals and office buildings. These panels provide a mask of secrecy and security while still allowing air flow and light infiltration. Back lighting can be utilized to add a romantic flare to our architectural mesh and soften a building’s impression in public areas. Call our design staff to plan your next creation, utilizing cutting edge design, security through the use of durable materials and sound construction with unparalleled results.

arh mesh panels