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Guarantee Your Client’s Security

Wire mesh colocation cages manufactured and installed by Newark Wire Works are unsurpassed in rigidity and quality. Colocation cages are wire mesh partitions that are utilized in data centers, telecommunication hubs and telephone company central offices. Newark Wire Works Inc. stocks standard size panels, wire mesh sliding gates, wire mesh hinged doors and wire mesh ceilings for quick shipment for those time critical projects.

Hinged wire mesh doors are available with mortise cylinder locks, hasps for padlocking, electric strikes or electro-magnetic locks (mag-locks) for card access, panic bars and combination locks.

Wire mesh sliding gates (wire mesh sliding doors) are available with mortise cylinder locks, hasps for padlocking and electro-magnetic locks (mag-locks) for card access.

Our woven wire mesh partitions can also be provided with wire mesh ceilings.

Wire mesh ceilings can also be provided above existing masonry or gypsum board walls for added security within your facility.

The wire mesh panels are finished with an alkyd base enamel paint, polyester powder coat or hot dip galvanized to your specification. We also provide special conductive powder coat finishes so our wire mesh partitions can be grounded to prevent electrostatic discharge from becoming a problem once a technician enters the collocation cage.

Our collocation cages can be custom fabricated for your site specific application. They are constructed of steel to make them rigid and secure. They offer a large percentage of open area for clear ventilation, light diffusion, sprinkler coverage and visibility. There’s unobstructed view of the interior of the enclosure at all times while still providing security to the contents of the entire enclosure.

Wire Partition Types Available: