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Newark Wire Works designs, manufactures and installs wire mesh enclosures for rooftop playgrounds. These enclosures are custom designed and constructed of galvanized steel or stainless steel components for unsurpassed strength and durability. They are maintenance free. Our wire mesh rooftop enclosures are designed with side walls that are attached to the building with structural tubing and can be provided with roof panels which require additional structural steel components. Depending on the existing structure, if needed, lower sections of the enclosure can be designed with an integrated guardrail and handrail system to meet local building code requirements. The side walls are traditionally constructed of a heavier, more durable mesh to withstand impact of children running into it and the effect of balls throw directly at it.

For rooftop playgrounds that allow ball play, wire mesh roofs are required to prevent balls from exiting the playground area and for the safety of pedestrians below. These wire mesh roofs can be pitched or flat, depending on the span of the structural members required. The wire mesh roof can be designed with a lighter mesh, due to it is less prone to the higher impact that the side walls are subject to. By using a lighter mesh, it allows for improved sight lines from both inside and outside of the play area. We stock a variety of meshes that are light enough that they appear to vanish. Therefore, lowering the visual obstruction impact to neighboring buildings, especially in urban areas that are subject to the scrutiny of Landmark Building Boards or Review.

Please call us at 732-661-2001 or email our sales and engineering team at sales@newarkwireworks.com with a drawing of your conditions and we can guide you through the design, budgeting and building of your rooftop playground.