Features and Advantages of Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is manufactured from drawn wire that is crimped and woven into square, diamond, rectangular and decorative meshes, from fine to coarse patterns.

It is used for many applications in many different alloys. For architectural use, alloys can be mixed for interesting visual effects. It is manufactured to closer tolerances that welded wire or expanded metal. It can be framed with channel, angle, U – edging or tubing.

Architects, engineers, general contractors and fabricators rely on the versatility and adaptability of woven wire mesh for any application where open mesh is required.

Woven wire mesh is utilized for applications where the primary requirements are ventilation, lighting and visibility. It is also fire proof. It is used in a variety of applications such as construction, communications, educational facility, industrial, infrastructure, institutional, law enforcement, pharmaceutical, transportation and even decorative needs.

The advantages of woven wire mesh include :

Cleaning – Mesh is easily cleaned and maintained due to material durability. Mesh can be easily repainted after years of use.

Cost –  Mesh is woven to size to reduce waste and overall cost compared to sheet goods.

Diversity of sizes and meshes – Many options of opening sizes, shapes, thicknesses, alloys, framing options and finishes for your design requirements.

Fire Prevention –  Woven wire mesh is fabricated with fireproof materials and has a large open area that allows a clear stream for hose spray or sprinkler head dispersion.

Heating and Air Conditioning – Large open area allows a clear path for maximum circulation for heating and air conditioning.

Sound – Open area provides no interference for full sound filtration.

Lighting – Better light diffusion due to open mesh construction

Strength – Woven wire products are crimped, securely interwoven and clinched or welded to  metal frames, creating a strong, durable and secure product. 

Vision – Mesh provides a clear site line from any angle.