Bike Rack Cages

Wire Mesh Caging for Bike Racks

Bike rack cages provide the highest level of security for tenants bicycles. Manufactured in the United States, Newark Wire Works bike rack cages are specifically designed for an easy assembly, modular application, clear unobstructed view inside the bike rack cage, clear ventilation to meet USA fire codes, and most importantly built for life.

Wire Mesh bike rack cages are an ideal way for your tenants to protect their bicycles in commerical building (bikes used for transportation to work), apartment buildings, condominiums, and multi family dwellings. All steel construction ensures your tenants will know their bikes are safe and secure.

Our wire mesh bike cage rooms come in different styles depending on the type of security you are looking for. With swing door and or sliding gate options, easy unobstructed walk-in access for your tenants with there bikes. There are also many additional options including wire mesh ceilings and upgraded locking functionality including electric strikes for tenant key fob access control as well as door sensor to security proposes.

Need design help? Let one of our experienced Sales representatives help you achieve your ideal storage area. Our representatives have access to state of art CAD programs to create and layout to ensure every need is met.

bike rack cages

Wire Mesh Caging Styles:

type 120 wire mesh partitions

Type 120

ProGuard Series Wire Partitions

ProGuard Series

Bike Rack Styles:


Vertical Rack


Bike Trac

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