Aircraft Tire / Wheel Racks

Aircraft Wheel Racks

The ultimate solution for storing your aircraft wheel assemblies!  Our aircraft wheel racks can be custom designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of your aircraft model requirements.  Our Aircraft Wheel Racks have been placed in some of the largest commercial and private airports in the United States, leading to improved maintenance repair times and overall safety.  

  • Systematically improves organization, maintenance repair times, and overall worker safety.
  • Customized wheel racks for your specific aircraft dimensions.
  • Expedited and easy installation—no assembly required!
  • Available for shipping worldwide!


All welded construction with 2” square steel mechanical tubing with ½” X 2” steel flat bar front edge frame and ½” Ø wedge anchors to mount rack to floor slab

Paint Finish Options

Powder Coat Options

Hot Dip Galvanized Option (for wet / damp environments