Rooftop Playgrounds

Manufacturing Wire Mesh Products for Rooftop Playgrounds

These maintenance-free enclosures are custom-designed and constructed of galvanized steel or stainless steel components for unsurpassed strength and durability. 

For rooftop playgrounds that allow ball play, wire mesh roofs are utilized to prevent the ball from exiting the playground, thus ensuring the safety of the pedestrians below. 

Unlike the high-impact side walls, wire mesh roofs can be designed with lightweight mesh. We stock a variety of mesh that is light enough to give a “vanishing” appearance. This vanish effect lowers the impact of visual obstructions that are subject to the scrutiny of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

A basketball court with a view of the city.

Project Gallery

A view of an outdoor area with a building and plants.
A basketball court with a net and a basket ball hoop.
A basketball court with a clock tower in the background.
A metal railing with bars on the bottom of it.