Wire Mesh Railing Infill Panels

Quality Railing Infill Panels Manufacture

Railing infill panels are your perfect solution for ensuring the prevention of accidental falls. Railing infill panels can also be used to enhance the appearance of your new or preexisting stairwells or railings. Railing infill panels are aesthetically appealing and provide the highest level of visibility and safety. They are available in a wide range of wire mesh patterns and framing styles. Contact a member of our dedicated sales team to discuss your next project!

  • Wire mesh is passed through and securely clinched or welded to a four-sided frame. These railing infill panels can be fastened directly to the railing system or attached by means of a tab system.
  • Maintenance-free, safe, strong, and visually pleasing.
  • Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  • Wide range of finishing and color options available: mill finish, prime painted, painted enamel, hot dip galvanized, polyester powder coat.
  • Variety of framing styles available — see tab below.
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A table with the numbers and their sizes for wire.
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Wire Mesh Gauges

Select which gauge wire mesh best fits your project. The typical gauge for railing infill panels is 8ga.

Wire Mesh Patterns

Select which pattern wire mesh fits your design. We also have custom and architectural wire mesh patterns available.

Square, Diamond, Expanded, Custom

Woven Wire Mesh Crimp Options

Select which style "crimp" you would like. There are three common woven wire mesh crimp styles typically seen in the industry. We also have custom and architectural wire mesh styles available.

Inter-Crimp, Lock-Crimp, Flat Top Crimp

Framing Options

Choose a framing option that best fits your project. These are some common framing options that we offer.

A diagram of the details of a mesh panel attached to pipe.

Typical Panel Connections

Typical wire mesh infill panels are either mechanically fastened (bolt system and welded tab system) or welded directly to the rail or tube post.

A drawing of the dimensions of a panel.

How To Measure

In the diagram, you can see the major dimensions which are crucial to fabricating every panel correctly. Follow this diagram to get a perfect wire mesh infill panel.

How To Order

  1. Choose what type of material (carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum).
  2. Choose wire mesh thickness (wire mesh diameter/ gauge).
  3. Choose wire mesh style.
  4. Choose the framing style.
  5. Choose finish.

Finishes - 3 Styles To Fit Every Application

Standard Paint Colors:
Shop-applied alkyd-based air-dried enamel paint that is electrostatically applied. This is our basic entry-level finish, which can be easily touched up in the field as needed.

A gray background with a white line on it.

Battleship Gray

A black background with a white line on it


A yellow background with no image on it.

Safety Yellow

A bright orange color is shown.

Safety Orange

A blue background with some white writing on it

Safety Blue

Polyester Powder Coat Option:

Five-stage polyester powder coat is one of the best finishes on the market, with increased finish strength than the standard paint finish.

A color wheel with different colors of each shade.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Option:

Five-stage polyester powder coat is one of the best finishes on the market, with increased finish strength than the standard paint finish.

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Product Gallery

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A metal gate with black bars and posts.
A metal staircase with wire railing and steps.
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