Tenant Storage Lockers - ProGuard Series

Wire Mesh Tenant Storage Lockers

ProGuard Series tenant storage lockers provide the highest level of security for tenants belongings. Our storage lockers are specifically designed for an easy assembly, modular application, clear unobstructed view inside the storage lockers, clear ventilation to meet USA fire codes, and most importantly built for life.

Wire mesh storage lockers are an ideal way for your tenants to protect their belongings in apartment buildings, condominiums, and multi family dwellings. All steel construction ensures your tenants will know their belongings are safe and secure.

2 Styles of wire mesh lockers:

Our wire mesh storage lockers come in two different styles: single tier for easy unobstructed walk-in access, and double tier when space is limited. There are also many additional options including wire mesh ceilings, shelving, and upgraded locking functionality.

Need design help? Let one of our experienced Sales representatives help you achieve your ideal storage area. Our representatives have access to state of art CAD programs to create and layout to ensure every need is met.

Tenant Storage Lockers
Tenant Storage Lockers
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Standard Locker Construction



Angle Iron Frame

Thickness: 1/8"

Size: 1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

Steel Type: Carbon


padlock hasp

Standard Lock Type:

Padlock Hasp allows your tenants to put their own lock on the tenant storage locker.

Wire Mesh


Gauge: 10 GA (.135)

Mesh Opening: 2" x 2"

Mesh Type: Square Welded Wire Mesh


Battleship Gray

Standard Colors:

Battleship Gray

Gloss Black

(Other colors available)

Key Features:

  • Modular
  • Onsite flexibility
  • Clear ventilation
  • Unobstructed view inside locker
  • ADA compliant
  • Meets Fire Code requirements
Tenant Storage Lockers

Storage Lockers: Durable, Modular, & Secure Design

Newark Wire Works ProGuard Series wire mesh tenant storage lockers are made of a durable 10 gauge  2" x 2" square welded wire mesh. The wire mesh is securely welded into a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/8" thick angle iron frame by our experienced welding technicians. 

Our storage lockers are modular in design and specifically fabricated for easy adjust onsite to avoid obstacles such as piping, columns, etc. 

Proguard Series storage lockers lockers come in a variety of different sizes and options. Available in both single and double tier styles give you the ability to create the ideal layout for your storage room needs.

Every storage locker come with the ability to add wire mesh ceilings, wire mesh back panels when the locker is in the middle of a storage room, and wire mesh shelving and floor panels.

Using our modular design, allows you to create large storage cages as well which is ideal for larger storage needs.

wire mesh storage lockers
Large Locker

Newark Wire Works ProGuard Series tenant storage lockers are available for quick shipment in 2 basic styles; single tier for easy walk in accessibility, and double tier when space is limited.

Single Tier

wire mesh storage lockers

Single tier wire mesh tenant storage lockers are used when walk in access is required. Single tier lockers are typically configured in 3'-0", 4'-0", and 5'-0" widths, and 3'-0", 4'-0", and 5'-0" depth. The standard height of our storage lockers is 7'-6" height (90" high).

(ADA compliant)

Double Tier

wire mesh storage lockers

Double tier wire mesh tenant storage lockers are typically used when space is limited but many tenants require additional storage in the building. Double tier storage lockers are typically configured in a 3'-0" or 4'-0" widths, and 3'-0", 4'-0", or 5'-0" depth. Each storage locker once stacked has a height of 3'-9" high based on our standard total stacked locker height of 7'-6".

Lock Options:

padlock hasp

Padlock Hasp:

Standard lock assembly

Fits all standard combination and key removable locks

store locker marks lock

Marks Lockset:

Standard Marks 37-- series mortise lock assembly- (Multiple Key options available)

Meets ADA Requirements


Our tenant storage lockers are built to be modular and allow you to easily arranged to fit your specific layout needs.

Single | Double Tier

Single tier storage lockers allow for easy access to the storage of you belongings. Double tier storage lockers create additional storage space for buildings with space restrictions.

Free Design Help

We provide free design assistance. Allow one of our Sales representative to help layout your storage room needs.

Recoup Cost Quickly

Rent storage lockers at typical rates in your area and recoup your initial investment within one year!!

Storage Locker Assembly - How to Order

Tenant storage locker panels come fully framed and each door comes pre hung (hinges welded to door frame). Fully assembled panels and doors allow for easy installation and makes adding additional storage lockers easy.

When sketching out your storage area, look at the diagram which shows how our wire mesh storage lockers are assembled. Start with a one starter locker and add a additional "Add-on locker" to achieve the desired quantity of lockers needed. 

tenant storage locker layout
Locker assembly layout

We Offer onsite design at no cost to you! Call to discuss at 732-661-2001 or email us at sales@newarkwireworks.com

Tenant Storage Locker Specifications

RETURN / WALL PANELS:  Manufactured with our standard 10 gauge 2” x 2" square welded wire mesh which is securely welded into a 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1/8” steel angle frame. Each corner is welded to ensure optimal durability.

DOOR PANELS: Single, double, and triple tier units are framed with a 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1/8” steel angle. Single tier doors have two diagonal stiffener bars of ¼” x ¾” flat welded to the door frame and wire mesh. Double tier doors are manufactured using one diagonal flat bar. All doors are constructed with 2 ½” x 3” welded fixed pin hinges, door strikes and padlock hasps. Door locks are available for an additional charge.

BACK PANELS: Manufactured in an 18 gauge pre-galvanized steel sheet metal with slotted holes punched on both sides for easy installation.

ROOF PANELS: Optional roof panels are available for all configurations. Constructed of 10 gauge 2” square welded wire mesh which is securely welded to a 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1/8” steel angle frame. All roof panels have slotted holes punched to allow for easy installation.

HARDWARE: All locker configurations use standard grade ¼” zinc plated carriage bolts with a KEP nuts for a lock tight fit.


  1. Standard Paint: Electro-statically shop allied air-dried alkyd base enamel paint (gray or black). Custom colors are available for a nominal fee.
  2. Powder Coat: Electro statically shop applied polyester powder coat, oven cured.
  3. Hot-dip galvanized: Hot-dip zinc galvanizing after fabrication.

Simple Assembly

"Easy bolt together system"

Proguard series master cad drawings-Model

Addtional options available for Tenant Storage Lockers

Our Standard tenant storage locker includes a standard wire mesh door and side panels. Other accessories may be required to complete our project. See the below and choose the right options for your next project:

(Click on + icon to expand additional information)

Back panels are made of the same type of wire mesh and frame as the rest of the wire mesh locker. Back panels are used when you have to lockers backing up to each other or you have a locker which is away from a existing wall. 

Ceiling panels are available if you need an extra layer security. We recommend you have at least 3-5 inches of spacing between the room ceiling and the top of the wire mesh ceiling panel.

Key Features:

  • Light penitration 
  • Clear visibility 
  • Ventilation
  • Meets Fire Code (Clear unobstructed sprinkler diffusion)

We offer shelving in both 16 gauge sheet metal and 2" x 2" x 1/4" thick wire mesh. Shelves can create added space to stack and store more belongings to maximize the locker space.

Quick Reference Quide

Typical Panel Connection

panel connection

Standard Padlock Hasp Connection

padlock hasp connection
Questions? Let one of our experienced Sales Representatives help you every step of the way- Call at: 732-661-2001

Finishes - 3 styles to fit every application

Standard Paint Colors:

Shop applied alkyd based air dried enamel paint, that is electro statically applied. This is our basic entry level finish which can be easily touched up in the field as needed.

Polyester Powder Coat Option:

5 stage polyester powder coat is one off the best finishes on the market. With increased finish strength then the standard paint finish.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Option:

Hot Dip Galavinze
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