Wire Mesh Partitions

Type 120 Wire Partition Systems

A room filled with lots of racks and wires.

Our Type 120 wire mesh partitions are our flagship line of wire partitions. We have been manufacturing this proven, durable product line for over 100 years.

ProGuard Series Wire Partitions

A blue gate in an industrial setting with construction equipment.

ProGuard Series wire mesh partitions are our most versatile line of wire partitions. Using an angled framed panel allows you to choose any style of wire mesh to achieve your desired design.

Colocation Cages / Data Center Cages

A room with many racks of computers in it

Data center cages are built with your client’s security in mind. We build our cages with the highest quality wire mesh (Type 120, Type 125, or ProGuard Series) material available to ensure durability and security.

Type 125 Heavy Duty Wire Partitions

A large room with metal fencing and concrete walls.

Type 125 Heavy Duty wire mesh partitions are our most heavy-duty wire mesh partition product line. If security and rigidity are of the utmost concern, this product line is for you.